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How to Sell Your Home

What must you do if you’re on the unhappy side of a slow-moving market? Selling in a depression is half mental adaptation, half common sense.

Here are a few crucial pieces of advice for selling your home in a lackluster market:

Price it correctly.
The Beginners Guide To Sales (Chapter 1)

Most, if not all, real estate experts agree that pricing your home accurately is one of the best tactics you can apply. Then again this is also one of the hardest obstacles for sellers who depend on baseline prices from many years ago. This means you need to rely on the special knowledge and experience of your real estate agent and property appraiser.
Looking On The Bright Side of Properties

Besides, that was then, this is the here and now.

In this industry, so many things can change in a matter of months or even weeks. The new “normal” probably means making concessions to a potential buyer, like price tweaks, repairs, or sharing closing costs.

Be thorough.

Invite a brutally candid friend to walk through your house and point out possible turn-offs for buyers. A new set of eyes can see things that an enthusiastic homeowner can’t.

Eliminate the clutter.

Too much stuff is visually disturbing and causes a bad first impression. Get a storage unit rental to keep the non-essentials while your property is on the market. For a small sum, you’ll have given your home a simple but effective makeover that buyers are going to appreciate.

Stay neutral.

While you need not paint all things white, it sure helps to soften uncommon color choices and to keep personal items unseen. You need people to be able to imagine themselves living in your home.

Take care of the small stuff.

Clean, plant flowers, repaint – do anything you can to make your house as attractive and worthy as possible.

Be a fast thinker.

Sellers must stay vigilant in market like this. Has another home just come on the market in your community? Give your agent a ring and tell him to inspect the property while comparing its condition and price to your own home.

Just received a lowball offer? Before declining, get the most recent comps for your area to know if prices have changed. Getting a lot of traffic in your house but haven’t received any offers? Make sure your agent is getting in touch with other agents in order to get feedback. Remaining on top of your home-selling process is true secret to receiving a good offer.

Sellers these days need to be tougher than in the past years, but you have no reason to panic. People will always buy real estate.

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